Zellcheming-Expo 2018
26. – 28. Juni 2018, Frankfurt, Deutschland
Fachmesse mit 113. Jahrestagung Zellstoff-, Papier- und Zulieferindustrie sowie faserbasierte Werkstoffe.  Die Zellcheming-Expo ist eine einzigartige Plattform für die europäische Zellstoff- und Papierindustrie – quer über die gesamte Wertschöpfungskette hinweg: Vom Rohstoff über die Papierherstellung und -weiterverarbeitung bis hin zum Verbrauch und zur Entsorgung der Materialien.


26 – 29 June 2018, Moscow, Russia
The largest trade show for the packaging industry in Russia and Eastern Europe. RosUpack is the only trade show in Russia which presents the full range of packaging process and ready products for different industries.


Gravure at your fingertips
11 – 13 July 2018, Stuttgart, Germany
The introductory course offered here covers gravure in theory and practice, from the galvanics for copper plating of a cylinder, through surface processing and finishing, preparation of a layout and the subsequent electromechanical engraving process, to printing on several papers with different ink viscosities.

European Paper & Packaging Strategy Conference

30 August, 2018, Frankfurt, Germany
After years of focusing on standard business, many companies in the paper & packaging industry currently shift their focus towards smart packaging, consistent commercialization of their value-add and digitalization in sales, marketing and pricing. The Conference offers attendees the opportunity to find out how industry leaders approach smart packaging and digitalization.

43. Münchener Kleb- und Veredelungs-Symposium

22.-24. Oktober 2018, München, Deutschhland